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amber glass cullet flint glass a gob of glass laser guided vehicle lubricious

Amber Glass:
Glass that is brown in color after adding iron oxide (a mineral) to the mix.

Recycled, crushed glass from bottles and jars which is also used to make glass containers.

Flint Glass:
Bottles and jars that are clear or only slightly colored.

A giant, enclosed area that melts together the raw materials and cullet used to form glass.

A drop of molten hot glass that is cut, then falls into the forming machine.

This stands for "Generally Regarded As Safe." Glass is the ONLY packaging material that has this title given by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA makes sure food and packaging are safe and healthy in America.

To look at the glass containers very closely and carefully to be sure they're safe and strong.

Smooth and slippery

Stands for "laser-guided vehicle." It uses lasers and sensors to tell it where to go. You'll see these in glass manufacturing plants that are state-of-the-art.

A form that a gob falls into and takes the shape of a bottle or jar.

Raw Materials:
Sand, limestone & soda ash are raw materials used to make glass.

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