Glass Recycling

Activities & Crafts

Activities and Crafts

Captain Cullet invites students and teachers to join him as he explores the world of glass containers and recycling. Also, save your used glass containers for Craft Time with the Little Gob o' Glass; he'll show you how to make some cool crafts out of glass jars and bottles. Here are some examples of glass containers to save: Jelly jars, baby food jars, mayonnaise jars, salsa jars, pickle jars, juice bottles, and more. Come back to this page to download the latest activities and crafts...and have fun!

December Activity Pages

Get ready to recycle in the new year and
learn how to make your own snow globe!

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November Activity Pages

Let's give thanks for glass containers and
celebrate Autumn by making a jar candle.

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October Activity Pages      

Learn the scary truth about trash and how
to make a mummy jar for Halloween treats.

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September Activity Pages

Celebrate Recycle Glass Month! Read
about the journey of Jerry the Jelly Jar.

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August Activity Pages

Learn why littering is bad & recycling is good.
And make a fun glass piggy bank!

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July Activity Pages            

Go on a supermarket scavenger hunt with
Captain Cullet. Then, make an "I Spy" jar!

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June Activity Pages

Learn why glass containers have many
shapes. Also, make a cool jar organizer!

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May Activity Pages

Enjoy this 2-page lesson about colorful glass
and make your own flower vase.

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